Freeze on Foreclosures Could Save Your Home?

You may have seen all the news that major lenders have put a temporary halt on Foreclosures. This has caused the press and Politicians to call for a foreclosure freeze or moratorium. Unfortunately this is not the answer and it will not stop homeowners from being foreclosed. In the next few blogs I am going to discuss ways to avoid foreclosure.
Step 1: get a pen and paper and jot down any questions as we go through these steps.
Step 2: consult with a Real Estate Agent that is educated specifically in responding to the foreclosure crisis. I suggest a CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) These agents can advise the best avenue to take and help you understand your options so you can make and informed decision. Studies show that homeowners who get housing counseling are 60% more likely to avoid foreclosure and have their payments lowered significantly than borrowers that go through the process alone. Foreclosure help in Buford Ga

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