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Things to remember when purchasing a Short Sale or Foreclosure Property

Things to Remember when purchasing a short sale or Foreclosure Property.

In today’s market short sales and Foreclosures are on the short list for buyers. After all, who wouldn’t want to grab a home for pennies on the dollar! Listed below are some things to remember when you’re looking for a distressed property

1. Short sales are offered for sale for one reason. The Owners do not have enough money to pay their mortgage. Don’t ask for their appliances. Many times the owners will leave those items but not always. Read the disclosure, it is your agent’s responsibility to get this document for you to view.

2. Foreclosures are AS IS properties. Latest figures show 2.9 Million homes foreclosed in 2010 and shadow inventory (foreclosures not listed for sale yet) is sitting somewhere around 900,000. Some investors like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac/Home steps, are finally getting the message to “fluff up the home” (add appliances, carpet and paint) to get more value to sell quicker. This is a decision made by the investor (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) not the Bank. If the home offered does not have appliances, new carpet and paint, they will not put it in the home. Asking for it will only put you at the bottom of the multiple offer list.

3. Don’t low ball an offer on a short sale you will be waiting 30 to 45 days just to get a counter offer from the Bank.

4. Similar is true with a foreclosure. These homes are already priced below market value. A low ball offer will still get you a counter from the bank and as referenced in item # 2, be at the bottom of the multiple offer list and won’t be considered.

5. Get your offer in right away. Short sales are working against the foreclosure clock. If you want one of these homes (normally well maintained) you need to act quickly.

Short sales are on the rise because of all the shadow inventory mentioned in item# 2. The investors do not want to foreclose and sit on this home, they already have enough foreclosure inventory. 6. Same is true with foreclosures. Banks are only releasing a few homes at a time. Releasing their entire inventory at once would flush our economy that is already in the toilet. Most of these homes have multiple offers on them. If you want to be considered, remember they are AS IS condition. There are mortgage loans that allow for repair. Speak to your lender before you start looking for a not so perfect foreclosure to see if you qualify. This is an incredible time for an investor, first time buyer or anyone that can afford to purchase Buford Ga real estate and Lake Lanier Real Estate. Interest rates are at an historic low and real estate is too. We will never have another opportunity to purchase like this again. So don’t be ridiculous about making low ball offers you won’t get the house. If you have any interested in purchasing any of these homes call or email me we specialize in short sales and foreclosure properties. Also, sign up for your free monthly foreclosure Market Trends newsletter to keep you updated on what Buford Ga Real Estate and Lake Lanier Real Estate is doing.