I can't buy a short sale!

I was having coffee with a friend last week and the conversation turned to short sales. She and her husband had purchased a home a while back and chose not to pursue a nice home on Lake Lanier because it was a short sale. We all know that Lake Lanier Real Estate is a good investment as long as you have deep water access. This friend didn't use me as her agent (mostly because I didn't know her then or she would have been crazy not to since my company specializes in short sales and foreclosures, right!?! ) So I decided to list my top 4 reasons why you should consider a short sale.

1. Many short sales continue to be maintained by the homeowner through the short sale process.
2. Many of these homes have not been sitting unoccupied for months which could cause a multitude of problems not just plumbing.
3. Most of them come with a property disclosure. (not going to happen with a foreclosure)
4. The buyer can get a general warranty deed. (foreclosures are only special warranty deeds)

Now, I'm not saying that foreclosures are not a good deal and worth pursuing I sell many of them. You just need to be aware of the problems and legal issues surrounding a foreclosure sale. Short sales on the other hand are also a good deal. It may take a little longer to close on one but you're also helping a homeowner in distress. Homeowners that lose their homes to foreclosure run the risk that the bank could come after them for a deficiency judgement (the balance of the unpaid debt) with most short sales the bank will forgive them of the debt if they at least try and sell. Remember, the investor loses a lot more money if the home goes into foreclosure. It's getting easier to get one closed these days. The banks have figured out that a short sale stops the bleeding. Lake Lanier Real Estate and Buford GA Real Estate.